Wuxi Kinglux Glass Lens Company Limited

100w led street light modules lens

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  • Brand name:kinglux
  • Material:Glass
  • Shape:Aspheric/Convex
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Product details
  • Brand name:kinglux
  • Material:Glass
  • Shape:Aspheric/Convex

1. Model: KL-SL107-87  streetlight glass lens

2. IESNA Type: TypeShort

3. Typical efficiency: 94%,after coating light transmittance can reach 99%

4. Working Temp:-50~550℃

5FWHM: 150°x80°

6. Pics for KL-SL107-87

7. Accessories

Wholes set:led glass lens + aluminium reflector + waterproof seal ring+ fixed stain-steel frame

8kinglux lens advantage

high efficiency in light distribution

low absorption of lighting 

high thermal stability

excellent transparency

UV-Resistant no yellowing effect

It can work under harsh environmental conditions


9. Drawings (glass lens & holder)

10. Suitable led Size


12. Optical simulation -- Polar Candela Distribution Plot

13. Optical simulation -- Illuminance map

14Applications & Usage

1) CITY LED street lamps 

2) outdoor use for lighting

3) highway lighting & motorway light  

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